Fees are inclusive of snacks, lunch, evening meal(if required) most entry fees and all resources.

Parents need to supply their own childs formula, breast milk, nappies, wet wipes, sun lotion and medicines.

Normal Hours 0700 - 1900 Flexibility for shift workers can be arranged



Sub Cost
Children 0 - School Age

Minimum 6 hours a day

Payable even if child attends pre-school/part-time school

School Age Children Minimum 2 Hours a day £4.50
Overtime Rate If Unauthorised £1 per 15 minutes
Weekends By Arrangement £6.50 Per Hour
Sickness Childminder No Fee
Sickness Child/Parent Full Fee
Holiday Childminder No Fee
Holiday Parent / Child Full Fee
Occasional Day Off Parent / Child Full Fee
Bank Holidays . Full Fee
Bank Holiday If Worked £6.50 Per Hour
Late Payment Fee . £5.00 Per Day
Overnights 8pm -8am £30.00

A minimum of 1 months advance notice of temination is required

Payment accepted in cash, childcare vouchers, cheques, bank transfer, standing order.

Payment for contracted month required in advance.

Extras will be submitted for payment at end of month.

MINIMUM 3 month contract.